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Cells Final Project : ZOINKS

Cells Final Project : ZOINKS
Project Goal :
The goal for this project was to show our teacher that we did really learn what she taught us about nutrients and cells. By doing this project we were supposed to do a story, game or any other entertainment way to help a teacher to teach her students in a funner and easy way.

My Goal :
My goal was to make a fun game, that would make the students interested and want to play the game. So they would learn in a fun way, which would be a b
etter way for them to remember what they learned.

I planned to make a board game. I wanted to make a board game, where various students would play the game at the same time. They would be asking questions to each other and the person who got the most answers right, and got to the end first would win the game. There would have two piles of flashcards, one pile of flashcards would be about Nutrients and the other pile about Cells. Each "house" of the board game would be written Nutrients or Cells, and they would have to pick a card from the corresponding pile of flashcards. Therfore, in some "houses" there would be ?? marks, which would be like a surprise card, which would give a present to the player giving an object of experiment. So the player that collected more objects would receive extra points in the end.

In the past 3 weeks, I had to make some changes. I decided that in my game, there wouldn't have the experiment objects, the reason was that, it w
ould be too complicated to find the tiny objects and to make it would be really hard. So I decided that, instead of the objects, the cards would give surpises like going steps foward or backwards. So it could be a postive or negative result, that would make the players more entertained and anxious. There was another change that I had to make in  my project. My teacher said that, if we were going to make board games, the games couldn't be question and answer. So I decided that I would gice tips in each paper, give tips about what i was talkin
g about, so I would show my teacher that I learned things. So in each paper, it had tips to the player get to the right answer. When it was the turn to the player 1, the player 2 would read the flashcards, so the player 1 wouldn't see the answer at the bottom of the flashcard.

How My Game Works?
1. The 2 or more players, will roll the dice to decide who starts the game, the one who gets the highest number will start the game.

2. The player will roll the dice again, and the number that comes out s/he will walk the steps and get to a 'home'. There will be written Nutrients or Cells, or ??. They will get the card according to the image.

3. The player 2 will read the back of the flashcard for the player 1, the back of the flashcards will have some bullet points giving tips of what is the answer.

4. In the bottom of the flashcard, it was written the answer. If the player got it right, he would stay where he was. If they didn't get it right, they would go back to where they started. 

5. The same would happen to the player 2, and the one who got first to the end, would win the game.

If you want to watch the video of my project, explaining how it works and showing you my board game, you can click to this link :

Self - Evaluation
In my point of view, my project wasn't that bad, but still was not the best I could do. I think my project was really simple and not very interesting. Another thing that I thought could be a problem is that I Butdidn't five enough tips in my flashcards. But overall, I thought that it wasn't so bad, I would play that game, therefore I wouldn't buy it. But if I was a teacher, I would play this game with my students, and if they had any questions answer them while playing, I think they would learn more easily. A point of my project that I liked was the board, I think I did a good work on doing the board. It took some time, but I gave my best to getting it pretty cool.

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