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In the science class, I am learning about the transportations like passive and active. To learn more about these two transportations we did an egg lab. From which we were supposed to use two different liquids and let the egg inside of a bottle with the egg, and see the differences in the egg. Our goal was to see the way of transportation like diffusion, osmosis or facilitated diffusion and the transportation by the inside and outside of the egg.

In the beginning of the lab, we made predictions of what was going to happen with the eggs. So we chose two liquids that one was Alcohol and the other was Distilled water. We predicted that for the Alcohol the egg would shrink and for the Distilled Water the egg would grew.    

In all 3 days we took notes of the egg, analyzing it trying to look for any changes.
·         First day :
We chose the eggs that we were going to use to our lab. Those two eggs stayed in vinegar for 24hours so that the shell would be dissolved and only the membrane would last. In the first day, we took notes of the egg; we measured the egg’s circumference, mass and the quantity of liquid that was going in the bottle. We took notes of what the egg looked like, and we putted the egg inside of the bottle with the liquid.
·         Second day:
In the second day, we took the eggs out of the bottle carefully, and measured it again. To see if it happened something different with the egg and we took more notes of how the egg looked like. Then we putted the egg back again.
·         Third day:
In the third day, we did the same. We took out the eggs and measured it and took notes of the egg. After we cut both eggs to see how was inside of it.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Distilled Water
Distilled Water
Distilled Water
Volume of solution(ml)


Possible Errors
·         Procedure:
-We putted the eggs in the plastic cup; it was a bad choice because the cup is open on the top. So maybe the liquid could have dissolved by the air. Next time we should get a container that is closed so we don’t get to risk the liquid from evaporating.
-When we were cleaning the bottles that had the liquids measured we always washed it before using it for the other liquid. Therefore, when putting the liquid out maybe some liquid could have stayed in the bottle, and liquid may have been wasted. Next time we have to be more careful and make sure all the liquid from the battle went out of it. 

·         Materials:
- We putted the eggs in a cup of plastic, and by that cup we couldn’t really see the egg, just the top. So it was hard to take some observations. So we couldn’t know if the egg was floating or not, and that would even had made an impact in the results. Next time we should use a transparent wide bottle, so the egg will fit in it and we will be able to see the egg and make some observations.
-When using the paper to clean and dry the egg, maybe in one of the eggs there was more liquid “attached” to it, so we may have wasted more water in the paper, by cleaning it. Next time we should make sure that the most possible amount of liquid from the egg was taken out before cleaning it. 

When water is used to balance the outside and the inside of the cell.
When whatever liquid is used to balance both outside and inside the cell, expect water.


·         The egg became really soft, but with a hard think inside, which was the yolk.
·         When we opened the egg, it was like a boiled egg, it was solid.
·         The egg was yellowish and hard, it seemed really full.
·         When we opened the egg, it “exploded” but we saw that it was liquid, like a normal egg but was more yellowish.

         My group expected reactions to each egg. We expected that the egg that was kept in the Alcohol would shrink and the egg in the Distilled Water the egg’s volume would increase. We were not sure; we guessed what would have happened. As a whole class, we discovered that the egg in the Alcohol was supposed to become solid and get smaller, the volume was supposed to each time decrease. The egg that was in the Distilled Water was supposed to get larger and the volume of the solution was supposed to decrease. Therefore; my group was a kind of different, because in the Alcohol instead of our egg’s circumference decrease till the end, our egg decreased but after it increased again. That was really confusing, and we had to think a lot about that, find some error that we did in the middle of the procedure. We got into a conclusion that we expect that the H2O found in the egg white would have been transported to the outside of the egg, which would be an osmosis, but the alcohol from the outside went into the egg by diffusion. So that impacted the egg by making it “grow” back again. In distilled water we got what we were supposed to get according to the class’ conclusion. In the Distilled Water the egg got really full, and yellowish. When we opened it, we could see that didn’t have changed a lot according to a normal egg. It was still liquid, but I think the egg might have exchanged liquids with the liquid outside of the cell.

         In my opinion, I really liked this lab, because we had the opportunity to learn a lot easier the types and functions of the transportations. It was even better because we learned by the fun way. I liked my team, because we helped each other, therefore; there were some things that we did wrong. Because we gave the part of taking notes just to one of the teammates, and I think that was wrong. But the other processes we worked in team, like measuring etc. I think I did help, but I did at the same time be a distraction in the team, even though I did help a lot in other aspects. 

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