Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meals on Wheels Project

Meals on Wheels Project

Last week, we worked in a project called "Meals on Wheels". In this project we were supposed to form teams, and each them would analyse 3 different diet menus, all the groups had the same menus. In the project, we were pretending we were nutritionists. We were hired by the company, called "Meals on Wheels" and we had to choose 2 of the 3 menus that they gave us. Explain why we thought these two menus were the best ones for diet. 

To be able to complete these project, we had to know all the nutrients our body needs, their functions and know in which food we could find each nutrient. So we could know what the menu's food contained. 

  • 1st day of project 
In the first day, we were separated into groups. I was in the Yellow team, and other 3 members, however one of the members was absent the whole week. So, we had 3 people in the group. In the first day, we had to plan how we were going to run this project. We divided each menu, for each one. So each one had a menu, and from that menu you had to analyze it, and research the foods in the menu. Each person had to discover if it was a long-term or shot-term diet menu, also know if the menu was healthy, and search more facts about the menu. For example: Know what the menu had cut from the nutrients.
After that, we planned that we were going to make a power point presentation, and a poster. We made a plan of how organizing the power point and the poster. That's all we did in the first day, we planned our project. 

  • 2nd day of project 
In the second day, we went to the library and used the computer to search information of our menu. Each one had their way to search it, and my way was to research each food in the meals and see what nutrient was in that food. In the end, I discovered that my diet menu was a type of menu that took out a lot of nutrients. It was a menu that didn't have much nutrients, like fat, proteins. It had other nutrients like carbohydrates, a lot of water, vitamins and minerals. It had a lot of water because every lunch and dinner you had to eat Cabbage soup, and you could drink water or juice. This diet was and still is recommended only for those who wants to lose a lot of weight in a short-period of time. My type of diet menu, you can't  work it like a long-term diet because it lacks a lot of nutrients, and its not healthy to stay a long time without the essential nutrients that we need in our body.
Each one discovered new things about their diet, we took notes, and the class ended this way.

  • 3rd day of project
In the third day of the project we combined all the information we had and started doing the power point. While one person was writing their part on the power point, the other was starting to do the poster and the other was  searching pictures for our power point and poster. We worked hard, like a team. Each one always had a work to do. Then we changed places, one went to the computer to do the power point, while the other was finishing the poster and the other looking for more pictures. The third day passed really fast, and didn' have finished our work, that meant we would have to finish for homework. That's what we did, in the weekend one person finished the poster, while the other finished the power point and the other printed the pictures for the poster.
Monday was the day of the presentation, and we weren't done, but in break time we met together and glued the pictures and we were done with our project. 

What I learned -
While doing this project, I revised a lot of information about the nutrients, for example : that carbohydrates were the main source of energy, that fat insulated and protected our organs, even though it's not good to have too much fat, that can turn out to be a problem, like a disease. Therefore, I did not only revise, but I learned new things too. For example : that carbohydrates were the first nutrient to be digested in our system, and other things too. 
This project didn't only give me knowledge of the subject, but gave me life lessons too, like teamwork and organization. Because we always worked like a team, so we could do this project in a way that everyone would be pleased. We tried to use our time wisely, and divide works so we could finish it faster. We were organized, because we made a plan in the beginning, and that's the plan we had till the end. 


  1. I Like the way you organized the order of the project, like day 1, day 2, and something like that. But I think it would be better if you put the video with this post.

  2. Wow! I love the way it's all very organized! Although next time try to add some pictures that are more related to your topic, which in this case is nutrients. And I agree with Soo, it's better if you post your video with this post instead of making it separate. Maybe you could talk about how the presentation went and if you did a good job presenting it. Also, talk more about what each nutrients does and don't forget to comment on you groups performance! Overall, you did a great job Haney! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks soo and deborah, thank you for the feedbacks too. Next time I will try to make some more evidence and proves and more information to be more interesting. Maybe use videos and more pictures too, thank you girls!