Sunday, August 7, 2011

“What was the purpose of these first two days of school and what are my plans for this year?”

First Days

Day 1
In the first day os school, we did some different things than the other usual classes. In Integrated Science 3 we did the Marshmallow Challenge. We were separated into groups of four and the challenge was to contruct the highest freestanding structure with a marshmallow on top of it, in 18 minutes. She gave us some objects that we could use and it was :

- 1yard string
- 1yard tape
- 1 marshmallow
- 20 sticks of spaghetti

Most of the groups failed to do it, and only 2 groups made it. It was hard because we had made it in the wrong way. We should had putted the Marshmallow first and try to do the tower with the marshmallow, but most of the teams made all the tower and in putted the marshmallow, so the weight wasn't balanced and most of the tower got destroyed in the last minute, because everyone wasin a rush trying to make the tower stay still.

After this we watched a video, and it showed how the kindergarden kids were better than the teenagers and some adults. Because they always did all the proccess with the Marshmallow on top of it. Therefore the teenagers and some adults tries planning everything first, but the kids don't really think that way. They just try, try and try to make the tower stay up. However, they showed the enginners and the arquitets doing it too, of course they were good at that, and they made the tower stay up, because it is their job and hopefully they knew how to do it. Another reason is because they have more knowledge and experience than us.

Day 2
In the second day, we talked about some artists that were really famous, and still is. We talked about how the practiced and putted a lot of effort on what they wanted to do. That's why they became so famous and succesful on what they did. We read articles about artists like Beatles, Bill Gates etc. Because they really spent a lot of time practicing on what they wanted to do; We learned that is not that someone borns succesful but, they try hard and puts a lot of effort on what they like. You have to at least practice it 10,000 hours to become succesful on something. That's what we did on the second day.

I made some plans for this year, which are: 
1. I want to study harder, because it starts counting on my college application.
2. Give my best in all projects and homeworks, so I can keep all my grades above B. 
3. Pay attention in the classes, and participate more in class discussions.
4. But at the same time,participate in various after school or extra activities.

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