Thursday, August 25, 2011

"What Kind of Cell Would You Like to Be and Why?"

What type of cell, and why?
Types of cell :
  • Prokaryotic: Are cells that has no nucleus, has no organelles and are really tiny, it is single celled. An example of prokaryotic cells is bacteria. 

1.Plasma membrane
3.cell membrane
4.DNA (which has the nucleoid region)
5. Ribosomes

  • Eukaryotic: Are cells that has a nucleus, and has organelles, they are tiny, but a little bigger than Porkaryotic cells. 
            There are two types of eukaryotic cells, one is animal and the other is plant
The animal cell reproduces by sexual reproduction, while plant cells reproduce by photosynthesis, which is a process where the plant absorbs light and is able to make the photosynthesis, by herself. 

My opinion - 
In my opinion, if I could choose which one I would like to be, I would choose to be a Prokariotic cell. 
Some positive things of being a Prokaryotic cell  is that you will be really protected, because you have the Capsule, then the Cell Wall, then the Cell Membrane. So if you are a bacteria, you are always very well protected. That's why sometimes is hard killing the bacterias inside of you, and you get sick. Another positive point of view of being a Prokariotic cell is that you can move! Because Prokariotic cells have flagellum, which are tail-like projections that are made for locomotion. It helps the cell to move, to go where it wants to.
Therefor, there is a negative point on being a Prokariotic cell, you will always be single celled, which mean you will always be alone. You will never join with other cells to make a bigger particle, you will always be by yourself. Forever alone. This is a negative point of view, because I would prefer having companies than being alone.  

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