Monday, September 5, 2011

Centrious - Speech

Hey Guys, 
I am the centrioles of our cell. I am really important because I am the organelle that makes fiber and replicates cells. The organelle centrioles produces fiber, which sustains and connects the proteins to each other. Fiber is the one that makes the inside of the cell more organized, by putting them together like buildings and holding them up.  This is really important, because if fiber didn't hold up the proteins, the inside of a cell would be totally disorganized and confusing.The fiber has another function, which is to "cut" the nucleus of the cell so the cell will replicate. This is really an important function because if the fiber didn't divide the nucleus, the cells would never replicate, and organism would never form. So the eukaryotic animal cells really do need me, I am really important.

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